The team behind Ushahidi (Ory, David, Juliana and myself) have all been quite busy over the last couple weeks. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to.

  • Juliana, David and myself met about a week ago to discuss what an Ushahidi 2.0 might look like. We’re exploring creating a free, open source version, rebuilt from the ground up that anyone will be able to use around the world.
  • Ushahidi is a finalist in the NetSquared Challenge, a competition amongst mashup applications to win some money for further development. David and I will be going to San Francisco in just over a week to represent Ushahidi. Thank you all for helping us get this far!
  • I gave a talk yesterday at the Where 2.0 conference where I gave some of the history behind what we did, and explained why tools like Ushahidi are needed.
  • Ory and I have been working to create Ushahidi as an organization so that we can start to receive funding and do more work on the project. We’re looking for more developer/programmer types who would like to pitch in on this too!

We’ll keep you posted on any other news, and there’s some big news coming…